Pharmacy Automation




High-Volume Central Fill Automation

Custom designed for pharmacies filling anywhere from 500 to 100,000 prescriptions per day.

Our high-volume solution, SCIncRx, is built on best-in-class hardware and driven by our proprietary Intelli-SCInc software.  Intelli-SCInc is the foundation upon which your solution is built as it drives work throughout the fulfillment process.  Intelli-SCInc is scalable to meet any current volume and projected growth demands.


Intelli-SCInc Software Management

Intelli-SCInc can operate in a fully integrated environment with automated dispensing technology or can operate as a complete stand-alone workflow management solution for accurate and efficient order processing.  Intelli-SCInc seamlessly integrates with your Pharmacy Information System.


Designed to Meet Your Needs

SCIncRx high-volume solutions are custom built to serve any segment:

  • Mail Order
  • Central Fill
  • Long-Term Care
  • Retail
  • Health System
  • Government
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